Deaconess Jacqueline D. Brown, Leading Lady
Deacon Calvin B. Dickens, Chairman
Deacon Elton Rumber, Jr., Vice-Chairman
Deacon Ted Baker
Deaconess Jennifer Baker
Deacon Wesley Blount, Sr. **
Deacon Goldie Brandon
Deaconess Monica Brooks
Deaconess Nora Brooks
Deaconess Althia I. Byrd
Deacon Morris L. Byrd
Deacon Reginald A. Campbell
Deacon Hattie M. Clark
Deaconess Vera R. Coleman
Deacon Jeff Collins
Deaconess Clara Dickens
Deaconess Dianna S. Dickens
Deacon Patricia Evans
Deaconess Charlotte Bethune Fisher
Deacon Ronald W. Fitzgerald
Deacon Jean-Claude Fresnel
Deaconess Sabernia D. Fresnel
Deacon James S. Gaylord, Sr.
Deaconess Zakia C. Gaylord, Sr.
Deaconess Carolyn Green
Deacon Ellwood D. Green
Deaconess Linda Green
Deaconess Shanta Grimes
Deacon Antoinette Hall
Deacon Bernard Hardy
Deacon Daniel Eric Harris
Deaconess Mona K. Harris
Deacon Lenora B. Highsmith
Deaconess Pamela Hilton
Deacon Sandy Hilton
Deaconess Brenda D. Hines
Deaconess Patricia B. Hines
Deacon Royal V. Hines
Deaconess Flora Holland **
Deacon Darrell Holmes
Deaconess Monica Holmes
Deaconess Tracy Hunt
Deacon Arthur Ivy, Jr.
Deacon Harold C. Jackson
Deacon Donald R. Jacobs
Deacon Myron Johnson
Deacon Tommy L. Johnson, Sr.
Deacon Charles Jones
Deacon Cheryl A. Jones
Deacon Kim T. Lawson

Deacon Loretta Lee
Deaconess Linda Little
Deacon Ronald Little
Deacon Eddie R. Massey, Jr.
Deaconess Tammy Massey
Deacon Norman R. McCoy
Deaconess Sandra K. McCoy
Deacon Bryan D. Miller
Deacon Jeffrey Miller **
Deaconess Loretta Miller
Deacon Susan A. Murray
Deaconess Allyson D. Muse
Deacon Avery Muse, Sr.
Deacon Denise Pumphrey
Deaconess Mary Randolph
Deacon Ronald Randolph
Deacon Valerie D. Register
Deacon Stephanie Riddick
Deacon Andrei Ruffin
Deaconess Lorone Ruffin
Deaconess Rochelle Rumber
Deacon Clarence Sellers, Sr.
Deaconess Jacqueline R. Shaw
Deaconess Marchelle R. Simpson
Deacon Wallace A. Simpson
Deaconess Larranetta Smith
Deacon Michael K. Smith, Sr.
Deaconess Towanda Smith
Deacon Donnell Spaulding
Deacon James Spencer
Deaconess Lisa Spencer
Deaconess Kimberly Sydnor
Deaconess Adrienne Thomas
Deacon Garland Thomas
Deaconess Paula J. Thomas
Deacon Alvin Turner **
Deaconess Carolyn Turner **
Deaconess Carolyn J. Turner
Deacon Leslie Turner **
Deacon Eric Washington
Deaconess Jacquelyn B. Washington
Deaconess Carnitra D. White
Deacon Bonita Williams
Deacon Cheryl C. Williams
Deacon Ransom Williams, Sr. **
Deacon Joyce Willis **
Deacon Melvin Wilson, Sr. **
Deacon Al Wylie
Deaconess Charleen Wylie
** Honorary Leaders
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