Mother Stephanie Belser
Mother Betty Blassingame
Mother Ernestine Briggs
Mother Phyllis L. Brooks
Mother Shirley Brown
Mother Joann Cameron
Mother Rose Dawkins
Mother Hattie M. Forbes
Mother Pearlie J. Grey
Mother Mary Harris
Mother Rosa Lee Harrison
Mother Patricia A. Johnson
Mother Mary E. Kahan
Mother Margo Lawson, Co-Lead
Mother Barbara E. Leake, Co-Lead
Mother Willie Mae Marshall
Mother Ola McNeil
Mother Dorothy Nelson
Mother Minnie Norman
Mother Rosalind D. Norman
Mother Mary D. Peterson

Mother Rebecca P. Poindexter
Mother Virginia Price
Mother Bernice Pumphrey, Honorary
Mother Joyce Pyatt
Mother Martha Redditt
Mother Barbara A. Roberts
Mother Brenda M. Scott
Mother Gracie Smith
Mother Margaret M. Smith
Mother Roberta A. Smith
Mother Floretta P. Taylor
Mother Margie A. Terry
Mother Katie Thomas
Mother Ruth A. Thomas
Mother Valerie S. Tilman
Mother Erma E. Walbarrow
Mother Alice D. Ward
Mother Delores Williams
Mother Roberta Williams
Mother Essie M. Wright
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